Components fitting

All prices below exclude parts expect where stated

Electric bikes may be charged an addition fee


Fitting Spokes (up to 25% of wheel)                                         £10.99(From)
Fitting Tyre / Tube (per wheel)                                                        £8.00
Fitting Slime includes slime (per wheel)                                       £6.00
Rim tape fitting (including tape) (per wheel)      £12.00(From)
Tubeless conversion (including parts) (per wheel)                    £32.00(From)



Fitting brake Cables                                £8.00
Fitting brake housing                           £8.00(From)
Fitting Brake Pads (per brake)                      £6.99
Brake rotor fitting (per brake) £8.00(From)


Fitting a bottom bracket                                      £20.00 (From )
Fitting seat post    £20.00(From)
Fitting Frame Protection Taping                      £15.00(From)
Fitting Suspension linkage bearing £50.00(From)
Shock fitting                                                          £25.00(From)




Forks , bars ,stem  
Fork fitting                                                  £20.00(From)        
Fitting handle bars                                   £15.00(From)        
Star nut setting                                         £10.00(From)        
Fitting a stem £10.00 (From)        
Fit brake lever £10.00 (From)        
Fit gear shifter £10.00 (From)        
Fitting bar tape or grips £10.00 (From)        


Drive Train  
Fit New Chain                                           £8.00
Fit New Freewheel/cassette                £8.00
Fit chain set                                      £15.00(From)        
Fit Derailleur Front / Rear   £9.99 (From)
Fit Derailleur Hanger                   £9.99
Fit Gear Cables                                          £8.00(From)
Fit Gear Housing   £8.00(From)




Accessories fit  
Lights, horns, bells , mirrors                    £7.00 (From)
Garmins, cycle computers, displays    £11.00 (From)
Panniers, baskets, racks, kick stands                                  £9.00 (From)
Custom component fit                               £POA


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